I've been interested in videography since I first used my uncle's camcorder. I suppose it was a natural progression from still photography to videography. I have experience with linear and non-linear editing, using Avid NewsCutter, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video editing was a big part of my TV reporting experience. Most days I was one-man-banding, conducting interviews, shooting video, writing copy and then editing it together in a 1-to-2-minute video package.

Now, thanks to the combination if iMovie and YouTube, I edit video for fun. I'm able to create music videos, documentary-style pieces and slideshows, sharing them with people all over the globe.

My kingrandor YouTube account doesn't exist anymore, but from Sept. 2008 to Sept. 2012, it achieved over 1 million video views, thanks to over 700 subscribers. Thanks to everyone who helped reach that one million mark!

Now, my primary focus is to build my JesseBatson YouTube channel.

Jesse Batson YouTube Channel

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